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13 April 2011

Le Geste Ordinaire
Booklet and web site

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This is one of our latest project for Maxime Coton.

He ask us to create a web site to promote his new film and in parallel a booklet to complete the dvd edition.

His film relates the daily life of his father, Marc.
Marc is a steelworker in a Belgian factory, he does not talk about his work at home.
The pride of the worker, the hard work in a noisy place, social divide between generations;
Maxime relates all of this in his movie with the innocence of a son, eager to discover his father.

for more info about the film =>

16 January 2010

Art book Fair

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It's on!

On April 2009 we've took part, with Aude Virgo, in an art book fair in Brussels.
We've presented some of our latest project and some other older.

06 March 2009

Published soon?

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Hi everybody!

"Young Graphic Designer" will be published soon, in a book full of tips!
We hope to see the thing itself in the next months.

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